About Free Hovind:
FreeHovind.com is dedicated to Kent Hovind - A prominent Creation Science speaker, debater, and evangelist. On January 19, 2007, Hovind was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for tax related charges. Hovind's wife, Jo, was later sentenced to 2 years. This site is the creation of an unaffiliated individual to help share Hovind's materials.

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The Supporters Unite:

"The Bible says Render unto Caesar that which is Caeser's. I agree. It does not say render unto Fred that which is Caesars. If something belongs to Caesar, I will give it to him - I'm not against that at all." - Kent Hovind, CSE 103 #6

The Atheists Respond:

"Free hovinds? Sounds interesting... Even though I ain't got no purpose for one, it's free nonetheless! And even though I also don't know what a hovind is, I'll still get one, since they are (you guessed it) for free." - Shenda