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Kent E. Hovind was born on January 15, 1953, and saved on February 9th, 1969. Hovind was a science teacher for a number of years prior to beginning his ministry, Creation Science Evangelism, in 1989, and opening his theme park, Dinosaur Adventure Land, in 2001.

Hovind is a young earth creationist who believes the KJV Bible to be the literal, inspired, infallible, inerrant word of the living God. His strong position and forthright views on evolution, government, and the public school system has brought him criticism from evolutionists, the mainstream media, and universities. In spite of all this criticism Hovind has never compromised his views on the truth of God's Word.

In 1974, Hovind received a bachelor's degree in religious education from the Midwestern Baptist College. In 1988 and 1991 respectively, Hovind was awarded a master's degree and doctorate in Christian Education from (unacreddited) Patriot University (now Patriot Bible University) in Colorado.

Hovind's official website hosts articles and information on creation science. Hovind's ministry also sells videos, books, fossil replicas and other items that support young earth creationism. None of his seminars are copyrighted, and he encourages people to share them as much as possible!

Hovind speaks at hundreds of churches, schools, and other venues each year and he has been a featured speaker at many of the Steeling the Mind Bible Conferences. He also hosted a daily radio talk show and has established Dinosaur Adventure Land in Pensacola, Florida.

Hovind is known for his debates with evolutionary biologists. The best-known contemporary evolutionary biologists, Richard Dawkins, and the late Stephen Jay Gould, have in the past refused to debate Hovind and other creationists by claiming that debate is not how science works and gives charlatans more of an advantage than systematic inquiry. Hovind indicates that their refusal to debate is because the evidence is against them. In Hovind's debates, he traditionally focuses on points to discredit the evolutionary theory, physical cosmology, and geology. He also presents evidence for the Biblical flood, a young earth, and the vapor canopy theory.

Some criticize Hovind for his involvement with Arkansas state Representative Jim Holt's Anti-Evolution Bill in 2001 (House Bill 2548). This bill "would have required that when public schools refer to evolution that it be identified as an unproven theory." Holt called upon Hovind as an "expert" who "testified for Holt before the State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee, speaking the truth how much of the information pertaining to evolution in our science textbooks is false." Many critics charge that Kent Hovind's creation/evolution presentations are a mix of Christian Fundamentalism and conspiracy theories.

Hovind has offered $10,000 since 1990 to anyone who can "prove the theory of evolution."
Since 1999 the offer has been increased to $250,000:
I have a standing offer of $250,000 to anyone who can give any empirical evidence (scientific proof) for evolution.* My $250,000 offer demonstrates that the hypothesis of evolution is nothing more than a religious belief.
*NOTE: The word evolution Hovind is referring to is not the minor variations found in all of the various life forms, but the general theory of evolution which believes these five major events took place:
  1. Time, space, and matter came into existence by themselves.
  2. Planets and stars formed from space dust.
  3. Matter created life by itself.
  4. Early life-forms learned to reproduce themselves.
  5. Major changes occurred between these diverse life forms (i.e., fish changed to amphibians, amphibians changed to reptiles, and reptiles changed to birds or mammals).
Hovind states that most biology textbooks contain lies and claims that evolution is a secular, pagan religion. He has said, "I'm not trying to get evolution out of the textbooks, nor am I trying to get creationism into the textbooks. What I'm trying to do is get the lies out of the textbooks."

On November 2, 2006, Hovind and his wife Jo were found guilty by a jury in a Pensacola, Florida federal court of numerous federal tax and tax-related offenses. He has been ordered to forfeit $430,400 and faces a 10 year prison term.

Hovind's testimony:

From Chick Publications

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior February 9, 1969. As I began studying the Bible, I realized that what I was being taught about the theory of evolution could not be reconciled with the Genesis account of creation. My further training in science and the Bible caused me to search carefully for the truth in this great conflict. After teaching high school science for 15 years and speaking on the creation/evolution subject thousands of times, I can say with all certainty that the Bible is the infallible, inspired, inerrant Word of the living God. The universe was created in 6 literal 24 hour days about 6,000 years ago (Matthew 19:4; Exodus 20:11; Genesis 1 & 5).

Modern science textbooks are wrong about the age of the earth and the place dinosaurs hold in history. Dinosaurs were created with man and were on the ark with Noah. After the flood they were hunted to the point of extinction in most parts of the world by man. A few dinosaurs are still alive in various parts of the world today! My research in cryptozoology (living dinosaurs) is of great interest to Christians and the lost alike. I now travel and speak on this topic to try to strengthen the faith of believers, confound and convict the evolutionists, and win the lost to Christ.
Anyone can be saved, here's how:
Realize you are a sinner (Romans 3:23)
Recongnize that Jesus died for your sins (Romans 6:23)
Repent, ask Him to forgive you and save you right now (Romans 10:13)

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