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Christer Anderstrom
2007/02/27 - 11:46 GMT
Let Hovind and America to be free!
2007/02/27 - 16:40 GMT
Free Hovind
Timothy Taylor
2007/02/27 - 19:08 GMT
Dora Taylor
2007/02/27 - 19:09 GMT
Obadiah Gunn
2007/02/27 - 19:10 GMT
Aubrey Falconer
2007/02/27 - 22:01 GMT
Let justice be done!
Ray Gibbins
2007/05/25 - 15:22 GMT
John Kevin McCoy
2007/05/25 - 15:34 GMT
Bro. Hovind has helped me so very much to better understand God's word. and his creation.
Frank Fason
2007/05/25 - 15:45 GMT
leif helles
2007/05/25 - 15:45 GMT
After a sentence like this; Does anyone still believe in the ivolutionteaching?
Steve Langford
2007/05/25 - 15:48 GMT
Get Hovind free!
Michel Snoeck
2007/05/25 - 16:00 GMT
Reinstate the integrity of USA, and free Dr. Hovind and his wife.
Pete Hall
2007/05/25 - 16:00 GMT
It's not just his innocence that bothers me as his appaulling treatment!
Athina Kandanolekis
2007/05/25 - 16:04 GMT
Free Dr. Hovind and let him speak freely again.
Adam McFalls
2007/05/25 - 16:09 GMT
Dr. Hovind & his wife are innocent of this crime & are being unjustly punished.
Christy Liner
2007/05/25 - 16:13 GMT
J.T. Liner
2007/05/25 - 16:16 GMT
Brian chamberlain
2007/05/25 - 17:51 GMT
Keep the faith
Amy Lynn McCoy
2007/05/26 - 0:52 GMT
Joe Turner
2007/05/26 - 1:10 GMT
Alice Elkins
2007/05/26 - 2:40 GMT
Chad Patzer
2007/05/26 - 2:40 GMT
The Hovind family has dramatically changed my life. Not that I was a horrible person before I heard his message, he just tought me an effective way to spread my beliefs to others. God Bless!
James R. Hopkins
2007/05/26 - 2:41 GMT
Brenda Ballard
2007/05/26 - 2:48 GMT
That judge has no idea what a great witness for Christ he has put behind bars. This will be the best Faith Initiative Program that the “bosses” will ever see.
Abraham Villarreal
2007/05/26 - 3:05 GMT
The Judge that sentecnced Kent Hovind should be fired now!
Khari Laurent
2007/05/26 - 3:24 GMT
Kent Hovind is a good man, and one of my persona favorite people in this world. I really need his opinion, guidance and encouragement in my Christian Life
Ryno Geldnhuis
2007/05/26 - 4:14 GMT
The devil is losing his battle and will try anything to stop the christian faith from being spread to everyone. Putting Dr Hovind in prison will not stop the gospel from being spred to everyone
Mary Huff
2007/05/26 - 4:50 GMT
Janet Faye Dugan
2007/05/26 - 6:30 GMT
Lawlessness in government must stop
Adam McGoldrick
2007/05/26 - 18:06 GMT
I have been blessed by the work of Dr Hovind, his family and his ministry. I don't agree that they have done anything illegal and I have read through much documentation, either way, you can have the money so why keep a man who only brings gospel to jail?
Rachel Rector
2007/05/26 - 18:06 GMT
Why is this man in jail while criminals go free?
Kurt Mattes
2007/05/26 - 19:45 GMT
Dustin Klein
2007/05/26 - 22:13 GMT
Garnett Rope
2007/05/26 - 22:26 GMT
we want Kent Hovind released as soon as possible
Alina Chepelyuk
2007/05/26 - 22:34 GMT
Dr. Kent Hovind has really taught me A LOT of essential information!!!! PLEASE free him because he is innocent and trying to help!
Suzanne Campbell
2007/05/26 - 23:30 GMT
Kent Hovind has been a positive influence on our family. I cannot believe that the charges against him are true.
Jim Lawson
2007/05/27 - 1:03 GMT
I've known Kent for years and his Morals would not let him do anything illegal He should be freed, Pardoned ( for thouse who don't belive in his iinnocents ) and allowed to continue his ministry.
Tamara C.
2007/05/27 - 1:12 GMT
Dr Kent Hovind is an AWESOME guy & teacher!!! He has taught me a lot!!!
Alex Kalinchuk
2007/05/27 - 1:16 GMT
I really need more if his stories!
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Linn
2007/05/27 - 1:42 GMT
Ben Williams
2007/05/27 - 1:57 GMT
God Bless Dr. Kent Hovind
Ross A. Falconer
2007/05/27 - 2:02 GMT
I am familiar with the case, and the two attached exhibits. Based on the evidence, I believe Kent should be pardoned without prejudice immediately.
Zach P. Doty
2007/05/27 - 3:47 GMT
This is a clear case of discriminatory enforcement. Hovind is innocent.
Phillip O'Donnell
2007/05/27 - 4:31 GMT
Thank you very much for making this website. Dr. Hovind has touched the lives of many people, including my own.
david fortner
2007/05/27 - 4:53 GMT
Keith Simmons
2007/05/27 - 4:56 GMT
The Truth has made Kent free, and no prison can take that from him.
William Langlois
2007/05/27 - 6:34 GMT
How can such persecution be happening in America?
2007/05/27 - 7:13 GMT
Kent, keep on keeping on! God Bless You and Your Family!
Brent Giles
2007/05/27 - 13:18 GMT
Please release Kent Hovind
liana sakhnyuk
2007/05/27 - 18:52 GMT
2007/05/27 - 19:55 GMT
David Robles
2007/05/27 - 23:17 GMT
Release Dr. Hovind, for he is only a faithful man of God trying to do God's work.
Helen K. Hines
2007/05/27 - 23:50 GMT
Please show mercy as God has shown mercy on this country. Dr. Kent Hovind is a man who is bringing the truth to those who need it. I pray that God will convict the hearts who are at the core of these false acusations and are brought to justice.
Mark and Lu Athnos
2007/05/28 - 1:03 GMT
May God bless the Hovind's family and CSE! We will continue praying for you!
Mary Ellen Vichiconti
2007/05/28 - 2:01 GMT
Please show mercy on this man of God.
Chris Collier
2007/05/28 - 2:11 GMT
Troy Beam
2007/05/28 - 2:19 GMT
This type of treatment is was what the revolutionary war was fought over. We the people and our legislators must do something before it is to late. Kent may God bless you and see that you get freed.
yeqian zhao
2007/05/28 - 3:09 GMT
please free dr hovind, a man of God. May you inherit the blessings of God by freeing his fellow good servant. thank you, and God bless.
Kwesi Laurent
2007/05/28 - 3:12 GMT
I am in the Army fighting for freedom and I don't think Hovind should hold in prison for no reason. Hovind deserves freedom like everyone else.
Brian Koser
2007/05/28 - 3:13 GMT