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James Davis
2009/01/21 - 0:58 GMT
Louise Heaslip
2009/01/21 - 1:49 GMT
Lorraine Woodruff
2009/01/21 - 2:59 GMT
Darren Woodruff
2009/01/21 - 3:08 GMT
Mason Channer
2009/01/21 - 4:04 GMT
Joanna Plasun
2009/01/21 - 9:19 GMT
Alexander Korolev
2009/01/21 - 10:46 GMT
Please free Kent Hovind
Bobby J Parker
2009/01/21 - 13:59 GMT
Paul Perez
2009/01/21 - 14:15 GMT
Linda Wall
2009/01/21 - 15:22 GMT
2009/01/21 - 15:53 GMT
Dr. Hovind should be released because, the Lords word goes around better when we have help!!! God Bless his work.
Brittaney Reeves
2009/01/21 - 18:11 GMT
I pray this helps!
Jeffery S Greene
2009/01/21 - 18:34 GMT
I'm a mystified as to why Kent Hovind's ministry would be targeted and treated any different than any other tax exempt ministry. I believe a great injustice has been done to this man and his family and that the punishment for the alleged crimes he was charged with then subsequently and unjustly, in my opinion, found guilty of are excessive to the extreme. Many courts have given lesser sentences to violent sex offenders and clearly this man and his family are not a threat to society and have only been excising their constitutional right to free speech and following the tax laws afforded all ministry based organizations. Even if Mr. Hovind were guilty of the charges the incarceration of non-violent criminals is an absurdity in that it generally prevents the accused of making restitution and ultimately causes an even greater burden to society at large since even more funds are required for the imprisonment of so many non-violent White-collar criminals, irrespective of the question of guilt or innocence. It is not justice when you make society pay twice for such crimes although I believe in this situation no crime has been committed except for the persecutory prosecution of an innocent man.
Erwin Muijen
2009/01/21 - 20:15 GMT
Leeander Ironside
2009/01/21 - 20:46 GMT
I trust that on THEE day of judgememt,your accusers will in turn be judged.
Arnold Rowe
2009/01/21 - 22:17 GMT
Elaine Tiplady
2009/01/22 - 0:43 GMT
This is crazy. God will reward him. What a brilliant mind.
Alex Puzanov
2009/01/22 - 12:31 GMT
Jesse Craig Dyer
2009/01/22 - 17:12 GMT
Dane Hooser
2009/01/22 - 18:45 GMT
President Bush You've been a good president. I have supported you in every decision you've made. As we near the end of your presidency, I am requesting that you free Kent Hovind, in support of the Lord, so that many more souls can be saved. Go out with a bang and do something great!
Jason Ironside
2009/01/22 - 19:08 GMT
Tammy Groves
2009/01/23 - 2:50 GMT
Oh PLEASE free this man. I am sickened at the country we've become. Our forefathers would be SO ASHAMED, SO ASHAMED. Please GOD HELP US ALL .... free this man of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009/01/23 - 3:27 GMT
2009/01/23 - 5:26 GMT
We witch your dr.Hovind!
Brett Dovey
2009/01/23 - 12:10 GMT
Finally someone that makes sense ....and they lock him away because he tread on someones toes
Henry Cabrera
2009/01/23 - 16:15 GMT
Jason Bagley
2009/01/23 - 18:41 GMT
Dwayne Gardner
2009/01/23 - 21:11 GMT
Peter Kratofilow
2009/01/23 - 22:44 GMT
Lil Remple
2009/01/23 - 22:56 GMT
Prying faithfully for Kent Hovind's release soon, may God grant you health & strength through these trying times.. God Bless Kent
Barack Hussein Obama
2009/01/23 - 22:59 GMT
I will pardon Kent Hovind.
Keng Moua
2009/01/24 - 0:25 GMT
Dr. Hovind's teaching has helped me grow in my knowledge of the Scripture. His debates is a huge encouragement for not only me but my friends around me. I plan on educated myself so I can not only defend but go on the offense for my Faith in Christ Jesus. Keep up the good work for His glory. Brother in Christ Keng Moua
Ginger Shamblin
2009/01/24 - 1:17 GMT
A vindictive judge has betrayed the trust of those who placed her in office. Please investigate this travesty of justice & recompense the Hovind family for what has been stolen from them.
Romy Barboza
2009/01/24 - 4:27 GMT
Please free Kent Hovind. He shows us from science and scripture that there is a God, the one true God Yahweh. Our Triune God. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
John R.
2009/01/24 - 4:28 GMT
This is a classic case of persecution. God Bless you Kent
Naveen Abraham
2009/01/24 - 12:45 GMT
Andrew Mcdonald
2009/01/24 - 13:06 GMT
great guy
Johann Everitt
2009/01/25 - 15:56 GMT
All real men of God were treated with this kind of contempt - so what's new?
Pieter Piek
2009/01/25 - 18:38 GMT
Valli Shannon
2009/01/25 - 22:44 GMT
We pray for God to release Kent.
Ann Darrington
2009/01/25 - 22:46 GMT
Kenneth Purlee
2009/01/25 - 22:47 GMT
2009/01/25 - 22:54 GMT
Bruce Petersen
2009/01/26 - 2:37 GMT
Markus F.
2009/01/26 - 2:41 GMT
I can't believe the injustice being done. The devil tries to bring the "Just Cause" down in any which way he can, but in the end it turns out to have only been strengthened, not hurt.
Teresa Muller
2009/01/26 - 7:49 GMT
Like Paul in the Bible. in Jail for nothing!!!! the devil is very clever.
Thomas Darrington
2009/01/26 - 14:10 GMT
We're praying...
Ivan Glebov
2009/01/26 - 15:54 GMT
Ready to help you here, in Russia, if needed.
Aaron Martin
2009/01/26 - 20:13 GMT
FREE Hovind!! For he Speaks The Truth!! God Bless Hovind!
Irene Bergen
2009/01/26 - 22:45 GMT
By giving lectures founded on scientific knowledge, Hovind proves the bibel's truth. Therefor many people find the right way and start to believe in the only truth, in God our creator. Isn't that evangelization? With kind regards Irene Bergen
Ken Haven
2009/01/27 - 2:44 GMT
free hovind
Ronnie Mcnamara
2009/01/27 - 4:45 GMT
this is modern day persecution which is proof that kent hovind is telling the truth about creation.
Karl Smit
2009/01/27 - 9:59 GMT
The courage of the heart is stronger than the power of the mind. thats why i wrote my book because of people like Kent
Eleonore Bergen
2009/01/27 - 13:41 GMT
Aleksei Muller
2009/01/27 - 13:42 GMT
Free Hovind, gather the most popular scientists and make an On-Line TV discussion between them.
David Putnam
2009/01/27 - 16:17 GMT
The power obtained by wicked men in these days is astonishing. Free this man! If you don't agree that his museum is a ministry, then fine him, but 10 years? This is Nazi Germany or Communist Russia!
2009/01/27 - 17:00 GMT
Where is your god now? Let your god perform a miracle.
2009/01/27 - 17:07 GMT
Doug Mott
2009/01/27 - 18:54 GMT
thank you for your efforts to free one of America's endangered spices.A righteous man.
Stefano Ashbridge
2009/01/27 - 21:49 GMT