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Jason Mcveigh
2009/09/04 - 15:59 GMT
free him now!
Roberta Merrill
2009/09/04 - 18:02 GMT
Psalm 91
Dariusz Smosna
2009/09/04 - 22:19 GMT
Erik Andrews
2009/09/04 - 22:21 GMT
I believe Hovind to be completely innocent of the alleged crime of "tax evasion", and furthermore believe Hovind's 10 year sentence to be patently unjust and based upon an effort to silence his ministry.
Daniel Djordjevic
2009/09/04 - 22:34 GMT
I agree with this petition. Dr. Kent Hovind should not be in jail for this, at least a lesser fine or something. This is just plain madness. Meanwhile, he IS silenced, he was doing a great job at what he was doing, now he can't.
Joseph Shiboyan
2009/09/04 - 23:31 GMT
why is Hovind in jail when they let criminals go free for killing and molesting people?? Let Hovind free!!
Sandra Penttilä
2009/09/05 - 8:26 GMT
Free Kent and Jo!!
Radonna Hale
2009/09/05 - 14:08 GMT
Too bad you were not a congressman or nominee for the president's cabinet, then all would have been forgiven. But we are praying for God's plan to be fulfilled in your life. Just remember that everything that is hidden will be uncovered, and those laid low will be raised up.
Dick Liebo
2009/09/05 - 17:05 GMT
My prayer is that Kent will be strengthened in the inner man.
Andrew Chase Kamats
2009/09/05 - 18:00 GMT
I believe that Kent Hovind is working for God and that the Devil doesnt like that and he is trying to stop him in anyway he can so just leave it in Gods hands and everything will be alright. :)
Svitlana Selivanova
2009/09/05 - 19:14 GMT
Alex Selivanov
2009/09/05 - 19:16 GMT
Free Hovind!!!!
Christian Johnson
2009/09/06 - 3:47 GMT
2009/09/06 - 18:28 GMT
Deanna Waller
2009/09/06 - 19:08 GMT
Anthony Gould
2009/09/06 - 19:56 GMT
Maggie Tomaszewski
2009/09/06 - 23:21 GMT
Harold Osland
2009/09/07 - 2:42 GMT
Keep the Faith. I enjoy the teaching.
Phillip Jonker
2009/09/07 - 19:31 GMT
Vaios Papanicolaou
2009/09/07 - 23:26 GMT
To Whom This May Concern I was quite shocked to hear the news, I don’t know DR Kent Hovind personally but what I do know is, if Kent was aware he was braking any laws he would do every thing in his power to rectify this, in other words god commands his people to obey Mans laws (the Laws society Sets), so I strongly believe that Kent would not brake any laws cause he would be disobeying gods request. It’s a no brainier for me but I understand how evidence can be tainted and manipulated. Now look, at the end of the day Kent Hovind volunteers his time for others and to be punished for this, it doesn’t make any sense and he has nothing finically to gain from cheating the systems, because all christens can’t wait to be with the father in heaven and one thing is pretty clear to me that you can’t take money into heaven and look really the things of this world don’t compare or even come close to wants install in heaven and DR Kent Hovind knows this and I feel if he has done the wrong thing I feel he was not aware of it and in my mind he should be given a reduced sentence for not being aware he was braking any laws. Because it’s totally out of character for DR Kent Hovind to deliberately break any laws so I feel this case should be re-examined in a broader light to bring to light real solid evidence to show when DR Kent Hovind was aware he was breaking the law? And what’s his motive for avoiding taxes? And even if he has broken the law, he should be given a reduced sentence because he does so many great things for others. I thank you for taking the time to read this I understand your time is important. Thank you Kind Regards Vaios Papanicolaou
DeVon Powell
2009/09/08 - 2:57 GMT
I believe the word, and that Dr. Hovind has and will again open the eyes of the lost to the Glory and Grace of the Allmighty GOD!!
Jennifer Cook
2009/09/08 - 3:05 GMT
Justin Plunkett
2009/09/08 - 3:51 GMT
Deanna Coleman
2009/09/08 - 4:07 GMT
This is nothing more than religious persecution! Let Ken Hovind out of debter's prison! There are many people in this country who have not paid their income tax who are running around free.
David Cook
2009/09/08 - 4:30 GMT
Sylvia Engerblom
2009/09/08 - 6:33 GMT
Lars Engerblom
2009/09/08 - 6:40 GMT
Seun Jubril
2009/09/08 - 9:25 GMT
Please free the man.
Joakim Jytterstrom
2009/09/08 - 18:29 GMT
Dean Schablow
2009/09/09 - 2:57 GMT
Ross McConnell
2009/09/09 - 7:58 GMT
Kirk L. Peterson
2009/09/09 - 13:02 GMT
Igor Ryumshin
2009/09/09 - 17:40 GMT
how is a man that havent done anything wrong get locked up and the people that commit murders and crimes are out on the street? only the good people get locked up.
2009/09/09 - 18:22 GMT
i love Hovind's material!
Trevor Peffley
2009/09/10 - 1:22 GMT
2009/09/10 - 3:49 GMT
Free Dr. Hovind! Peace and Christ be with you all!!!
Tyler Vickroy
2009/09/10 - 6:14 GMT
Nuttapong S.
2009/09/10 - 10:42 GMT
I so appreciated Hovind's ministry, as serving God with faithful and fruitful, encourage all Christian around the world (also Thailand). With his gift and attitude many Christian could stand for the Truth and speak out with confidance for Creation beleive. May God bless u.
Joshua Benjamin
2009/09/10 - 19:25 GMT
Jay Semencha
2009/09/10 - 21:13 GMT
PLEASE FREE Kent E. Hovind and Jo Hovind!!!
Chanwoo Cho
2009/09/10 - 22:49 GMT
Alexus Crockett
2009/09/11 - 4:28 GMT
Free this man of God!
Ray Ladbrooke
2009/09/11 - 14:54 GMT
I pray the Lord Jesus be with you and your family at this difficult time.
Tony Rose
2009/09/11 - 17:36 GMT
Free Kent!
Duane Simmons
2009/09/11 - 20:32 GMT
Blair Wood
2009/09/11 - 22:09 GMT
"silence his ministry..." The harder they try, the louder the Gospel!
Arthur Miramontes
2009/09/11 - 23:06 GMT
Its funny how quik they jump down someones throat who is trying to do something great for the good of God.
John Garavaglia
2009/09/12 - 0:54 GMT
I wish I had the courage that Dr. Hovind had. I pray that he reamains strong while incarcerated and comes out even stronger than before. It is so ironic that the gov't is trying to shut him down. They won't admit it, but it is because of what he preaches!!!
Joanna Sahadeo
2009/09/12 - 2:22 GMT
Billy Bryant
2009/09/12 - 5:36 GMT
this man is directly responsible for the beginnings of my journey to salvation and my heart goes out to him and his family for this "job" like tribulation he is currently facing, i love you as my own family and will continue to pray for him and his wife, god bless and with a little luck (lol) and a lot of devotion we will meet in another, much greater place forever your brother billy b
Josh Swoope
2009/09/12 - 6:36 GMT
David Chambers
2009/09/12 - 7:50 GMT
Free Dr. Hovind! He has done nothing wrong! And watch "Freedom to Facism". It exposes the sinister plans of the IRS and the government.
Ray Anderson
2009/09/12 - 15:25 GMT
Free Dr. Hovind from this cruel and unjustly sentence.
Jeremy Oyer
2009/09/12 - 23:43 GMT
Should just made him pay the fees he owed to the IRS. Not very just when most are getting away with it.
Philip Brown
2009/09/13 - 3:43 GMT
Andrew Taylor
2009/09/13 - 4:06 GMT
Of all the people who commit tax evasion for selfish, unjust reasons, Dr. Hovind was convicted although paying taxes payed for our children to be taught lies. Look at it this way, telling someone any THEORY is truth, is wrong, and that is what our teachers are being instructed to do. Let Dr. Hovind go, and open your eyes to the truth...stop putting tax payer money into the research of a false theory.
Gabriel Padilla
2009/09/13 - 4:32 GMT
Leon Bergen
2009/09/13 - 15:10 GMT
I really enjoyed listening to Kent when I was younger. Now I looked him up again to share with someone else and found out he's in jail. I think that is crazy. A man like him teaching about truth of our Father in heaven could never intentionally do what he's accused of. Let alone be sentenced to 10 years for it. Let him go and let him continue his ministry of teaching about truth.
Lorelai Harlow
2009/09/13 - 19:31 GMT
Dr Hovind is my only hero. His imprisonment is a disgrace to america. Free this man, he's done SO much for believers everywhere.
Bryan Van Dyke
2009/09/13 - 23:07 GMT