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Steve Bartz
2009/11/04 - 2:57 GMT
I don't pretend to know much about taxes and such; however, I do believe this was all a way to just stop a good thing from taking place by a frightened few who do not want Kent's words spread around anymore.
Scott Larsen
2009/11/04 - 20:04 GMT
I would like to see Kent freed, but i also think that him being in prison is part of gods great and mysterious plan. Kent being there will help reach many people and save lives that would otherwise not be saved, god bless and keep up the good work.
Grant Barker
2009/11/04 - 21:13 GMT
Kent Hovind's imprisonment is typical of todays discontentment by those evil that now permeate our society who by their ignorance hate anything that pays allegiance to an awesome God. Hang in there Dr. Hovind, for every cause their is a reason though unseen for a due season. When you have those who hate you for what you stand, you know that you are of God, for you are hated for his names sake.
Pavel Shal
2009/11/05 - 1:42 GMT
His ministry has a great positive influence on our generation.
Donald Nuzum
2009/11/05 - 2:31 GMT
I would rather be in Hovind's position than those who put him in prison.
Jesus Valencia
2009/11/05 - 6:47 GMT
I strongly believe this is a very intellegent man and speaks only the truth eventhough the WORLD does not like the truth!!!
Alexander Brother Of Elder She
2009/11/05 - 8:45 GMT
I saw film about creativism. I like it very much. Thank you that you created this film.
2009/11/05 - 9:20 GMT
Craig E. Seeley Jr. And Molly
2009/11/05 - 17:41 GMT
I Have contacted my Senators and Representatives and will contact all Congressmen asking for a Congressional Investigation of this egregious, miscarriage of justice case where the IRS was lied to, there was possible Judicial Misconduct and Malpractice, Legal Malpractice and Dr. Kent Hovind's Constitutional First Amendment Rights were illegally violated ... etc.!!!
Matthew Molina
2009/11/05 - 18:00 GMT
Hang in there Mr.Hovind its all part of gods plan.
Angelo Foggia
2009/11/05 - 23:25 GMT
The truth is behind bars. what else would we expect in this day and age. i was newly introduced to Dr. hovinds dvd`s and was completely blown away. I did not realize that he was in prison. my heart is saddened but only to realize that the truth has always been kept away from those seeking it. maybe this explains why he is where he is. i truely hope something happens to free someone who is on the side of truth. i wish him well and please stay strong ... all the best Kent. Angelo
Lyubov Kustov
2009/11/06 - 1:28 GMT
I agree that Hovid SHOULD be released!!!!
Alan Martin
2009/11/06 - 2:04 GMT
May God bless Mr. Hovind and his family.
Steve Clemons
2009/11/06 - 3:09 GMT
Eric Ginter
2009/11/06 - 5:55 GMT
Michael Qualls
2009/11/06 - 7:10 GMT
Please in the name of Jesus Christ release him. He has paid for what you say he has done, release him already. I have seen many real criminals go free, and you prosecute a man of God. Disgusting.
Kalid Gomez
2009/11/06 - 17:48 GMT
Sorin Aaron
2009/11/06 - 19:56 GMT
Howie Irwin
2009/11/07 - 0:50 GMT
Eric Rector
2009/11/07 - 11:15 GMT
DeVaun Ramsey
2009/11/07 - 16:41 GMT
God's will be done!
2009/11/07 - 17:36 GMT
Belyanskij Andrej
2009/11/07 - 18:06 GMT
Уважаемый господин президент. Очень хотелось чтобы Америка являлась свободной страной только на словах, а не на деле. Многочисленные нарушения закона по отношению к фундаментальным христианам- яркая иллюстрация ущемления свобод в Вашем государстве. Желая благоденствия и Божьих благословений Вам и вашему народу хочу напомнить Вам, что Страна отступающая от законов Бога не устоит, и не будет тверда. В сязи с этим прошу отпустить Кента Ховинда из тюрьмы, так как он является узником совести, а не закона. С уважением Белянский Андрей регент баптистской церкви
Javier Cruz
2009/11/07 - 21:58 GMT
Job Smith
2009/11/07 - 22:14 GMT
Free Hovind!
Katharina Siemens
2009/11/07 - 22:16 GMT
Steve Palensky
2009/11/07 - 22:32 GMT
Mr. Hovind is not a criminal. There are people running this nation that have done much worse things than Kent Hovind would ever consider doing. Mr. Hovind puts Christ 1st in everything he does so it is impossible for him to be guilty of what he has been accused.
Rooselvelth Guerrero
2009/11/08 - 10:05 GMT
must keep on fighting the good fight, God bless you!!!
Putnic Raluca
2009/11/08 - 12:36 GMT
Brian Peterson
2009/11/08 - 16:17 GMT
Free Hovind! God bless
Robert Yudiski
2009/11/08 - 18:31 GMT
I don't believe Mr. Hovind should serve prison time. I would love to see him back on television teaching the people something that makes more sense and is so much more truthful than the evolution and an old age earth that so called scientists teach today. I have a very difficult time trying to picture in my head what one million years looks, but I can easily see what six to ten thousand years looks like. My prayers go out to Mr. Hovind, his family, and all the work he and his family are doing to keep on doing what I see is right. May our Lord God bless you and keep you going with unending strength. Thank you, Robert Y., Helena, MT.
2009/11/08 - 19:38 GMT
FREE KENT HOVIND. I'm tired of the government falsely putting people behind bars just because someone rocks there boat.
Peter Hendrick
2009/11/08 - 22:00 GMT
Angie Stockamp
2009/11/09 - 3:30 GMT
I am appalled at the current officials who have brought about the imprisonment of this man. They have failed to faithfully administer our nation's constitutional laws and have obviously entrapped Dr. Hovind with misapplied laws with respect to religious organizations. I urge you to dismiss the charges against him. I also believe his sentence to be unjustly harsh to the extreme.
Sasha Savchuk
2009/11/09 - 10:22 GMT
Release Hovand the will!!!
Mark Smith
2009/11/09 - 10:25 GMT
The US Government should be deeply ashamed of enprisoning Mr Hovind: he deserves praise not punishment for the public service that he provides in exposing the evil lies of the "education system" that is funded by public tax money driven by your corrupt system. SHAME ON YOU!
David Alexandre De Souza Keste
2009/11/09 - 11:12 GMT
Friends I am from Brazil and hope Kent Hovind be free very soon!
Orest Oleynik
2009/11/09 - 14:00 GMT
I like Mr. Hovind's lections o lot. I think he's a honest and innocent man.
Steven Wayne Blackburn
2009/11/09 - 22:57 GMT
I think everyone including Kent Hovind deserves a second chance. What he did was wrong, and I am sure he knows it. Please forgive Hovind, as Jesus forgives you of what you do. It is only fair people that people get a second chance. Please, and Thanks, Steven. ~ Amen
Steven And Catelyn ONeil
2009/11/10 - 2:12 GMT
Karl-Heinz Ott
2009/11/10 - 12:16 GMT
Please free Hovind.
Mike Zwama
2009/11/10 - 22:40 GMT
I love Dr. Hovind for who he is and for the light he has given. I believe that someday he will reseave a great treasure for his faith in Christ and for the good works he does. Right now he is being persecuted for breaking man's law and paying the price for that. So be it. We will continue to support him in prayer and by buying his DVD's and telling the world about the truth of the Bible. Hold on Ken! You never walk alone.. your brother in Christ, Mike
Marco Aurelio Goncalves
2009/11/11 - 0:26 GMT
Free Hovind!
Edwin Sylvain
2009/11/11 - 0:40 GMT
Michael Giannakos
2009/11/11 - 1:09 GMT
Daniel Hanson
2009/11/11 - 2:24 GMT
Kent is needed to help educate a dying world from collapsing into emptyness.
Garett Jay Berube
2009/11/11 - 3:46 GMT
Kent Hovind keep on keepin on!
Steven Scavone
2009/11/11 - 5:45 GMT
Release this man so He may contimnue God;s work in this world. Stop persucuting our brothers and sisters in the Lord.
Jacob L. Soerensen
2009/11/11 - 8:16 GMT
Seregey Dubovik
2009/11/11 - 10:19 GMT
2009/11/11 - 13:10 GMT
May god bless that man.
Jesse Amos
2009/11/12 - 4:10 GMT
Rosa Collins
2009/11/12 - 4:33 GMT
Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, keep your head up and don't give up remember to keep God first in all that you do.
Christina T
2009/11/12 - 10:52 GMT
I pray this wrong can be righted in the end.
Hayna Fagatele
2009/11/12 - 15:06 GMT
Life can either be accepted or changed. If it is not accepted, it must be changed. If it cannot be changed, then it must be accepted.
Melissa S. Brown
2009/11/12 - 16:19 GMT
Bonnie Reid
2009/11/12 - 17:31 GMT
Kent Hovind is a good man. He does not deserve this. He should be released on the grounds of good behavior.
Timothy Reid
2009/11/12 - 17:34 GMT
Kent has done enough time. Please let him go!!!!
Kristi B. Cadwell
2009/11/12 - 19:56 GMT
Yougotta B'Kidding
2009/11/12 - 20:26 GMT
You freaking got to be kidding me... Hovind is a freaking douchebag!!! If not for poluting general knowledge with all his lies, he at least deserves those 10 years for tax evasion!!! Religious people think they are above the law cause they are doing god's "will" (so they think)... Just freaking retarded!!!!!!