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William Burnett Bryan
2010/03/15 - 18:17 GMT
Dustin Franke
2010/03/15 - 20:17 GMT
God bless Kent!!! We don't know why God allows things like this to happen but know that where he's at...he's doing the same thing in there as he was out here. He's our modern day josoph! Ps...maybe if we had a Christian in office instead of a muslim tyrant we would actually get somewhere!!!!
Chris E
2010/03/15 - 23:10 GMT
Oksana Zalesov
2010/03/16 - 1:02 GMT
Ryan Herbison
2010/03/16 - 1:13 GMT
Keep up the good fight!
James Washington
2010/03/16 - 8:03 GMT
Victor Scherbinkin
2010/03/16 - 16:22 GMT
God bless brother Hovind. His ministry was very useful for our family.
2010/03/16 - 17:30 GMT
Free Dr Dino, and make space for real criminals.
Phillip McKee
2010/03/16 - 19:08 GMT
God Bless You!!!
Thomas Guilford
2010/03/17 - 2:55 GMT
I truly believe that the police and judge who did this will have their day in court...I feel sorry for them already!
Gary W. Lynn
2010/03/17 - 16:40 GMT
Free this MAN of GOD.
Rebekah Hughes
2010/03/17 - 19:34 GMT
Free Hovind!
Jeffrey Bradshaw
2010/03/18 - 1:33 GMT
We love you, miss you Kent and pray that you will be free soon! This sentence was truly unfair.
Stan Allen
2010/03/18 - 1:56 GMT
Jeffrey Rempel
2010/03/18 - 2:39 GMT
How can he be put in prison for breaking a nonexistent law.
Marietta Hernandez
2010/03/18 - 4:10 GMT
Nathan Rone
2010/03/18 - 11:31 GMT
Render unto Ceaser
Tim Lumsden
2010/03/18 - 20:02 GMT
The dictatorial and non-constitutional actions of the IRS were appalling. The sentence given to Mr Hovind is very unjust and cruel.
Keith E. Stevens
2010/03/19 - 5:22 GMT
Marcia Bedard
2010/03/19 - 6:18 GMT
Thank you Dr. Hovind for spreading God's Word of Creation for so many years. Your fellow inmates are so fortunate to be able to learn from you while you are imprisoned and we all look forward to your release. My family will continue to pray for you and your family.
Christina Spaulding
2010/03/19 - 17:06 GMT
Ryan Reeves
2010/03/19 - 19:36 GMT
Saran Anspaugh
2010/03/19 - 22:30 GMT
Lucas Estrello
2010/03/20 - 0:21 GMT
I LOVE the "Creation Series" and was absolutely heart broken to find out Bro. Hovind was in prisoned! It was a great encouragement to read Bro. Hovind's annual growth blog on, what GREAT news to hear how he is keeping himself healthy in every. Also being able to tutor and witness to inmates is a blessing. I sure hope this petition is somehow able to help Bro. Hovind have a MUCH shorter stay! He and his family will remain in our prayers!!!
Becki Wheeler
2010/03/20 - 3:55 GMT
Paul Pollock
2010/03/20 - 7:07 GMT
Diana Kline
2010/03/20 - 9:01 GMT
I believe Hovind is innocent.
Nikhil John
2010/03/20 - 15:04 GMT
Dr. Kent Hovind has changed my life forever.. Im 15 and I aspire to become a Christian scientist like him.. FREE HIM!!!! NOW!!! And please come to India!!
Ryan Cavanaugh
2010/03/20 - 19:23 GMT
This was a ploy to shut Hovind up. He was on to something and THEY KNEW IT.. If men were to realize they were NOT monkeys by accident, but rather were subject to an Almighty God who gave them unalienable rights, then this would pee in the cheerios of any Darwinistic/Marxist government that would try to oppress them or control them. Down with the NWO!!
Chares Gilliland
2010/03/21 - 1:02 GMT
Debbie Felix-blood
2010/03/21 - 3:01 GMT
74 elmwood ave. barberton, ohio 44203
Nick Basyuk
2010/03/21 - 16:33 GMT
Sodom Gomorrah
2010/03/22 - 0:45 GMT
Please free hovind. It's not fair that you can take away the quality entertainment he provides. What am I supposed to laugh at now that hes gone for a decade?
Brian Upesleja
2010/03/22 - 1:45 GMT
I purchased his original videos years ago, and he always claimed that the "purchase" was to be church related, and feel free to copy, share, distribute them at will! He was always about the word of God, and is proving that by taking the Jail sentence! The Government saw how much a "church" speaker can make preaching and decided they deserve a cut of that pie so they can support and carry on their own programs, and aid's to people who do not need or deserve it! If that was not true, then they would have never made the claim that "If Kent would have cooperated (paid the fines) he would not have faced any jail time" Truth is, the government always pulls that bull. WE GOT YOU, but pay here and your free. . . . Is freedom really free? GO KENT GO!
David VanBrook
2010/03/22 - 3:19 GMT
BEATe Wolfe
2010/03/22 - 6:02 GMT
...THOSE WHO WAIT ON THE LORD...... LET'S ALL WAIT.... May HE bless the Hovind family !!!--and all who will be reached in prison God is good all the time!!!
Ed Meyer
2010/03/22 - 11:14 GMT
Eric Mandreger
2010/03/22 - 16:58 GMT
Kent Hovind has had full punishment for his actions. although i disagree he evaded his taxes, i beleive the punishment is extremely harsh and unrealistic.
Todd Anderson
2010/03/22 - 17:29 GMT
Joshua Adam Maugherman
2010/03/22 - 17:51 GMT
Casey Boettcher
2010/03/23 - 0:49 GMT
I learn alot of truthful information from this man! He's a great guy and has done nothing wrong!
Wesley Cannon
2010/03/23 - 1:45 GMT
Nicholas Liguori
2010/03/23 - 2:26 GMT
Mr. Hovind is a good man and a noble American. His "crime" is inconclusive, and he should be released early.
Jason C Routhieaux
2010/03/23 - 4:36 GMT
we need him back in the game, Lord Jesus bring him back for our kids, AMEN!!!
Scott Hicks
2010/03/23 - 19:27 GMT
Roman Lobakov
2010/03/23 - 23:03 GMT
This case should be reviewed according to missionary activities of this person and his wife. I hope the true justice and common sence will prevail.
2010/03/24 - 1:02 GMT
Free Kent Hovind!
2010/03/24 - 2:02 GMT
He is a good man
2010/03/24 - 14:22 GMT
Mark & Lynn Gwynn
2010/03/24 - 15:05 GMT
May God receive all the glory!
Mark & Lynn Gwynn
2010/03/24 - 16:15 GMT
May God receive all the glory!
Jackie Lambert
2010/03/24 - 17:23 GMT
Heb 6:10 God is not unjust.He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to to help them.
Ketija Kalnina
2010/03/24 - 18:38 GMT
Bub Fish
2010/03/24 - 21:02 GMT
Dr. Hovind is my hero
Massiel Andreu
2010/03/24 - 21:58 GMT
free kent.
2010/03/25 - 3:37 GMT
Hovind is an idiot but his punishment is a bit too harsh.
Randy Fortunato
2010/03/25 - 5:32 GMT
Kent Hovind is so good for the country and the world. If they keep surpressing the good and rewarding the evil our country will eventually crumble. The effects are already happening. Release Kent Hovind and allow him to preach God back into our schools before it's too late!
Morgan Emerson
2010/03/25 - 7:18 GMT
he's doing good work. yes, he messed up, but he's helped many become less confused about what we've been told about evolution
Konstantin Poljakov
2010/03/25 - 11:21 GMT
God bless Dr.Hovind!!!
Ivan Gordienko
2010/03/25 - 11:32 GMT
God bless you!