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Russell J. Gebhardt
2008/04/14 - 0:24 GMT
Andrew Tabing
2008/04/14 - 0:36 GMT
Lessie Charlene Sikes Cowart
2008/04/14 - 1:54 GMT
please free Dr. Hovind!
Donna Burk
2008/04/14 - 2:29 GMT
Samson Mathew
2008/04/14 - 2:36 GMT
Chris Pardal
2008/04/14 - 3:15 GMT
Rodney B. Barker
2008/04/14 - 4:51 GMT
Graig Jones
2008/04/14 - 6:26 GMT
John Ferrera
2008/04/14 - 6:35 GMT
Matt Shirley
2008/04/14 - 7:26 GMT
Big thank you to Kent Hovind for speaking so boldly about creation. I used to believe in evolution years ago and boy was I miserable. There were just so many unanswerable questions like if it takes over 70 protein molecules to form one DNA and protein doesn’t form without the coded instructions from DNA then which came first. The odds of that happening naturally is zero as you can’t get one without the other. I have been distributing your videos here in New Zealand Kent and one guy I know has given away hundreds. Have been praying for you and your family Kent and also prayed for some of the people who rubbish you. They must know God is a reality and that’s why they get upset. What I mean is if someone said something to me that I knew wasn’t true like the sky is purple with yellow spots it wouldn’t upset me at all. The fact they get so upset shows that people talking about the bible must prick there conscience. 2 Peter chapter 3 : 3-7 First of all, you must understand that in the last days some people will appear whose minds are controlled by there own lusts. They will make fun of you and will say, “He promised to come, didn’t he? Where is he? Our fathers have already died, but everything is still the same as it was since the creation of the world!” They purposely ignore the fact that long ago God command, and the heavens and earth were created. The earth was formed out of water and by water, and it was also by water, the water of the flood , that the old world was destroyed. But the heavens and the earth that now exist are being preserved by the same command of God, in order to be destroyed by fire. They are being kept for the day when godless people will be judged and destroyed. Look forward to your release Kent. Good to here you are not wasting time in prison but instead through the power of Christ many inmates are accepting Jesus as there savior.
Patrick Stevens
2008/04/14 - 10:59 GMT
Free the guy, I miss his idiotic new comments and quotes on
Brim Mahone
2008/04/14 - 14:17 GMT
Rot in jail you bloody freak
Ivan Joydapuss
2008/04/14 - 14:20 GMT
I used to beleive in evolution but once I saw a picture of you I realised if anything we are devolving. You look very un-evolved.
Septic Tank
2008/04/14 - 14:24 GMT
Ha Ha Ha. What a surprise to see a bunch of Americans believing this horse shit. Haven't you got a country you should be invading, some cililians to murder and humiliate? Jail is the best place for all Americans.
Bongo Sucksanut
2008/04/14 - 14:39 GMT
Cockhungry Grannyfucker
2008/04/14 - 14:40 GMT
Could somebody pleeeeease suck my nuts?
James Powell (USAR - Ret)
2008/04/14 - 15:00 GMT
Let the Truth be heard.
B. R. Dibrell
2008/04/14 - 15:29 GMT
Anthony Brown
2008/04/14 - 18:34 GMT
Unless we stand up against the abuse of power that our "government" unleashed on the Hovind family, and others, we WILL be next. Please pray for Kent and Jo, that God would continue to use them in a powerful way!
'Dr.' Doolittle
2008/04/14 - 18:55 GMT
Hey, Kent? Try following the rules next time, mmkay? Good luck, and read your Bible a little closer while you're in your cell. You might be surprised!
Sylvia Chestnutt
2008/04/14 - 19:30 GMT
I believe Hovind to be completely innocent. Free Hovind!
Joseph Kerhin
2008/04/15 - 2:44 GMT
I am Sighing this petition (with real info too) to prove a point that online petitions mean nothing. You could get a billion signatures and nothing would change.Thank God this dumbass is in jail,and not free lying to people.
Eugene Burger
2008/04/15 - 8:58 GMT
True follower of God.Thinking of you and praying for you.Maranatha!
Olli Hautamäki
2008/04/15 - 12:26 GMT
Christina Worrell
2008/04/15 - 15:04 GMT
Kevin South
2008/04/15 - 15:43 GMT
David South
2008/04/15 - 15:44 GMT
if you could, could you send me any info on evolution from any of his seminars?
Emmanuel Joseph
2008/04/15 - 21:12 GMT
I support you Dr.Hovind! And I believe your innocent. I've watched all your videos. I use to be alittle "shakey" in my faith. As a science fanatic like myself, I was always uncertain to how Christianity and Evolution fit together. But you, through the Word of GOD, cleared things right up for me. And I thank GOD, for sending you to help the few who are low in faith. Now, because of you, I have renewed my faith in the Lord, our GOD. Thank you, And may GOD bless you. And I will pray everyday that he may free you from jail and continue to serve the Lord.
Cass Woodland
2008/04/16 - 0:03 GMT
I like tacos y burritos!
Brian Koper
2008/04/16 - 1:39 GMT
Great teacher of the ttruth
Greg Kishko
2008/04/16 - 2:57 GMT
I don't think it is necessary for Dr. Kent Hovind to be in prison for such a long time.
Wallace Goss
2008/04/16 - 3:06 GMT
Christine Lubbe
2008/04/16 - 11:50 GMT
Being born and raised in South Africa, I am all too aware of what crime is. Our lives are filled daily with headlines of rape, murder, robbery, child abuse ect(real crimes). Your dvds brought a new perspective to my life and my outlook on everything! It awakened me and my husband and brought to life that dead part of my soul that i've been carrying around. Dr Dino, you should be rewarded for freely reabilitating and education people - not charged for it! We are listening, we are investigating the truths in the words you have spoken and we see the bigger picture, even under your current circumestances. We are thinking of you and your family, and we are spreading the word. God loves all - even the prosecuters working against you, and we are praying that there will soon come a change in their hearts and minds. I pray that they will also watch you dvds and take in the goodness of God! Good luck!
Daniel Morris
2008/04/16 - 15:30 GMT
God has a Plan
Vanessa Vazquez
2008/04/16 - 20:08 GMT
Richard Benjamin Palmer
2008/04/16 - 21:25 GMT
Based on my understanding of what went on with this case, it seems like you were sentenced more harshly then deserved. Probably as a means to appease the media and public with you as a scapegoat, while the true criminal, rich people continue on with their sins. I don't know whether or not you are completely innocent; that is an issue you'll have to handle between yourself and God. But if nothing else, you at least inspired me to argue against evolution and atheism, and for that I must thank you, whether or not your true motives are honorable. Thanks.
Yale Waller
2008/04/16 - 23:20 GMT
He didn't pay his taxes... But he still needs to be free!!!!!
Matthew J, Melashenko
2008/04/17 - 3:32 GMT
Kent would not willfully be dishonest - he loves God and people too much!
Howard Glidewell
2008/04/17 - 11:03 GMT
Dorcas Graber
2008/04/17 - 13:39 GMT
My brother and I watch Dr.Hovind for our science.He's so funny.He makes everything so easy to understand.My whole family likes him.
David Case
2008/04/17 - 21:28 GMT
Edward B. Mulford
2008/04/18 - 0:54 GMT
We are praying.
Chris Chackal
2008/04/18 - 6:21 GMT
Why this man is so highly hated i cannot understand. He promotes the work of a LOVING god, whom intended GOOD, who clearly shows the correct way to achieve righteousness, yet is hated by those who hate God.
Leon Van Eyk
2008/04/18 - 12:24 GMT
James Frost
2008/04/18 - 14:57 GMT
Kent Hayward
2008/04/18 - 15:18 GMT
Hang in there Kent! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We have been blessed by your materials here in Bermuda God Bless.
Aubrey Johnson
2008/04/18 - 15:49 GMT
Seneca Hampton
2008/04/18 - 21:29 GMT
that man is a blessing to so many....
Micah Dameron
2008/04/19 - 3:25 GMT
2008/04/19 - 12:13 GMT
Basil Fourie
2008/04/19 - 12:31 GMT
Dr. Hovind should be free to spread the gospel, but tax evation is not right! "Give back to Ceaser what is His"
2008/04/19 - 17:44 GMT
Michael D. Seiber Sr.
2008/04/19 - 17:53 GMT
Mark A Shellenbarger
2008/04/19 - 22:24 GMT
Kent Hovind has inspired me and strengthened my mind to go out and share the gospel is hard to find a man of god that can make me want more and more.bush claims to love god,then let him free one of gods better teachers and prove himself.
Oddfríður Petersen
2008/04/19 - 22:37 GMT
Paul Andryushchenko
2008/04/19 - 22:43 GMT
Kent hovind is a man of God that Really cares about Gods Creation i would never hear that corrupter USA could actually put him in prison.....But we pray he will be released soon...thank God
Bethany A. Roy
2008/04/20 - 1:01 GMT
The claims against Dr. Hovind are ridiculous! Please allow him to continue making this world a better place!
Nathan Tyler
2008/04/20 - 2:19 GMT
Dr. Hovind has committed no crime. It was tragic to hear a 10 year sentence passed on him, and that he was told he had dishonored his country because he was not collecting revenue for the IRS! Dr. Hovind should be freed at once and issued a formal and public apology for his past 16 months of incarceration.
Fred A Seiber Jr
2008/04/20 - 2:31 GMT
Maria Zacharias
2008/04/20 - 2:32 GMT